The Wellness Tree Community Clinic provides a variety of free acute/short-term regular medical services, and dental services (primarily extractions and fillings), for those at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, and who lack needed medical and/or dental insurance. In addition to basic medical and dental services, we also offer vision services, physical therapy, diabetic care, chiropractic, small surgical procedures, mental health counseling, health education, and we work to ensure patients receive diagnostic labs & x-rays as needed. (Currently, we provide approximately 2,500+ patient encounters per year). 

After diagnosis and treatment, we work to find long-term resources to help the patient’s medical conditions and specialty care needs. In providing these ongoing services we help to restore patient’s physical and mental health which helps many patients gain employment or continue being successful and productive in their current jobs. 

We collaborate with and accept qualifying patients from many community organizations such as St. Luke’s, South Central Community Action Partnership, Family Health Services, Department of Corrections, Homeless Shelters, and Rehab centers. 

We provide a “medical and dental home” for patients who lack financial resources and insurance coverage. To be a Wellness Tree Clinic patient, a person must have an income level below 200% of the Federal Poverty level and lack insurance coverage for the healthcare service they are seeking.