Free acute/short term regular medical care for those at or below the poverty level and with no medical insurance or other resources. We have a small surgery center, and we work to ensure our patients receive diagnostic labs & x-rays when needed. (2,384 patient encounters for 2013). We serve our community with the help of over 30 volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and mental health counselors, along with volunteer clinical and front office personnel and college students seeking medical experience for their education requirements. We collaborate with and accept patients from other community organizations, (SCCA, FHS, SCDHD, CSI, Homeless Shelters, and Rehab centers) and we provide a “medical home” for these patients with no other resources, and that need acute/short term care until they can afford medical care or gain employment with insurance or qualify for state/federal programs. We hope to create a mobile Wellness Tree Clinic that can provide free medical services in many parts of Southern Idaho.