Our Donors

The Wellness Tree Community Clinic (WTCC) is able to operate from the charitable and thoughtful generosity of individuals and businesses who understand Our Mission: To Serve Those Less Fortunate.  Our Volunteers are compassionate people who identify with the intrinsic value of helping another human being and who continually provide encouragement and empathy, when hope is gone and life’s struggles seem endless.  It is an honor to partner with our Donors to attend to the medical, dental, vision and behavioral health needs of our indigent patients and with your continued support, The Wellness Tree Community Clinic will continue providing treatments; Where Care is Free, Under the Tree.

Twin Falls Health Initiatives Trust - $20,000 Grant

The Twin Falls Health Initiatives Trust has reached a significant milestone; it has almost granted $3 million dollars over the course of the community grant campaigns that began in 2008. TFHIT has now provided $2,945,261.00 in funding, with 116 separate grants to 33 different organizations over the past 10 years. To view grants given each year, please click on dates below.

Janice Seagraves Family Foundation, Inc. - $62,500.00 Grant

Founded in 2001, the Janice Seagraves Family Foundation is a private, nonprofit family foundation located in Twin Falls, Idaho. Twin Falls is situated on the Snake River Canyon in South Central Idaho and serves as a retail hub for a larger agricultural area known as the Magic Valley. Specifically, the Foundation grants to entities along the Highway 93 Corridor from the northern Nevada border to the southern border of Custer County.

2018 CHIF - $10,000 Grant

2019 CHIF - $15,000 Awarded for the Life Choices Program - THANK YOU!

$2,500 grant - Forever Idaho Southwest Fund

To establish a 2 year Strengths-Based Therapy outreach in the Twin Falls community.

Kissler Family Foundation Philanthropic Gift Fund - $2,500.00 Grant