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Wellness Tree Clinic

Twin Falls, Idaho

Free acute/short term regular medical care for those at or below the poverty level and with no medical insurance or other resources. The Wellness Tree Clinic is a nonprofit organization, 501(c)(3) that operates on private donations from individuals, organizations and community grants. We estimate that for every dollar donated to the Wellness Tree we give out approximately $50 worth of healthcare services. The clinic utilizes volunteers to do medical, clinical, and front office duties. We also help train students pursuing medical careers and help them fulfill their community service/volunteer hours required for their programs.  Many colleges collaborate with our clinic to train & educate students in medical, dental and mental health fields.

Financially we save our Community, our County and our Hospital by treating many patients early on. Instead of the patients neglecting to see a doctor because of a lack of resources, and waiting until their conditions are so advanced that they end up in the hospital emergency room, we treat them and alleviate many medical conditions before they are in advanced stages. Early treatment helps to avoid expensive hospital stays and procedures!

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Find Opportunities to Help.

We could not do it without your help!  Whether you want to contribute as a volunteer or contribute financially, we are pleased to partner with you to help our community. Find out the many ways you can help us, help others.

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